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The artful way to discover

• is a new concept of projects where art and culture appear in various forms
• is an invitation to discover unknown authentic cultures in a different way
• is a stairway to the extraordinary art built up for you step by step
• is diversity, communication and cultural exchange
• is the voice from fairylands that whispers in your ear

Principles and Mission

ArtEcho is an ambitious foundation that was established in January 2009. Since this date, our foundation strives to build bridges between Western and Eastern European countries by organizing remarkable cultural events in the Netherlands and beyond between artists and audience. The activities of ArtEcho are motivated by the idea that knowledge of other cultures enriches life and makes the dialogue between people of different nationalities and mentalities easier and more lively. The principles of our work are passion and flexibility combined with a high standard of implementation and the constant search for novelty. Our mission is to bring relaxation, information and education through original solutions and extraordinary cultural concepts under one roof. A high-quality cultural roof.

Committee of Recommendation

Cilia van Dijk               – Producent
Gerben Schermer       – Directeur HAFF (Holland Animation Film Festival)
Alexander Mouret      – Directeur Leids Film Festival)
Anzor Erkomaishvili  – Artistiek leider van ensemble Rustavi (Georgië)
Rezo Chkheidze †       – Professor, film director (Georgië)
Gerrit van Dijk †         – Animatie filmmaker


Dali de Graaf-Ubilava  – Artistiek leider
Cilia van Dijk                 – Algemeen adviseur
Maria Lepilova               – Copyrighter
Toon Verhoeven            – Website en internetondersteuning
Maka Tsomaia               – Design & vormgeving
Anja Slegt                        – PR en communicatie


2324XR, 53, Leiden
The Netherlands

Chamber of Commerce 27335712